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Wed, Feb 25th, 2009
I was drawn to your website- my hair has always been very fine but I have managed with
 a good hair cut and lots of color and steaking.  I have now reached a point when this is
 not working.  Three months ago I resorted to wearing a wig, I am not that happy with it
 but I don't think of my hair 24/7 as I use to.  I would like to have a really good solution to
 my hair problem and I am hopeful that you can provide it for me.  When you talk of a
 consultation, do you do anything on that day or do you have to come back.  
 I am new to the Vancouver area, having moved here in December 2008.
 Do you have Saturday appointments?
 I look forward to hearing from you.

  Hi "G" - yes we do have Saturday appointments. We close on Sundays and Tuesdays.
  Maria is also a colour expert so she can match the hair system to your existing hair. 
  Since you still have your own hair, albeit thin, it would probably be best to integrate with
   your own hair.
  On the day of the consultation, we can show you some client photos with a similar condition
 as yours. We can have you try on a sample - although it won't match your colour, density,
 curl pattern, etc. This is just to give you and idea of the comfort as well as so you know how
 to put it on and take it off. Maria will make a mold of your head and then we can quote a price.
 If you decide to go ahead or go home to think about it, either is fine. If you go ahead, it takes
 about 6 to 8 weeks to make and then you need to come back to have it cut and styled to blend
 with your own hair. All service work, products, hair system, cut-in and follow-up is included in
 the price quote on the day of your consultation. 
  If you read the testimonial section of the website, you'll have some idea of what effect these
  systems have on our clients.
   We do have one appointment available for 10 am this Saturday - this is unusual since she
   usually books about a week in advance. I am just leaving for the gym now but will check
   for your email later. To book the appointment, I need to set up a client profile for you so we
   would need to speak on the phone.
   I'm looking forward to hearing from you and I think you'll really love meeting Maria.
   Best regards,
   Brian Jaggard
   Maria Jaggard Salon

Our Clients Say:


Thanks for explaining the fine details of hair systems as it relates to quality, look and comfort.

I found the custom fit very comfortable and never felt "hot and itchy, or sweaty" like some hair pieces. It's warm in the fall and cool in the summer - plus the cut looks good! What more could a girl want?!?

Especially when going through the many treatments of Breast Cancer!

Your positive, bubbly attitude made my appointments very upbeat. I tell my friends how wonderful you have been.

Wishing you and your family health, happiness and more.