Maria Jaggard Salon

British Columbia's Premier Hair Replacement Centre

Sat, Jan 31st, 2009

A. Much like the first time you put in contact lenses, you will definitely feel something new on you. However, in a very short time, you will feel it become a part of you. The base is "breathable" and hypo-allergenic.

Our Clients Say:

Dear Brian and Maria;

I read several testimonials with similar stories and it led me to order my hair system from you...but now I have my own to add. While I was recently at the cancer clinic, a nurse I have come to know well was walking in curious circles around me while I was seated. I asked her what she was looking at and her answer was "why didn't you lose your hair." She had been looking for thinning, patches, bald spots, etc which should have been obvious by this stage of my treatment. I told her I'd been COMPLETELY BALD for a month but I had ordered my hair system before the treatments began so as soon as I lost my hair, I was able to use the hair system custom made for me by Maria Jaggard Salon. She was totally blown away...and so was I since she had been looking so closely at my scalp.

Thanks for making me the best hair system in the world!