Maria Jaggard Salon

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Sat, Jan 31st, 2009

A. Well, we can't promise the world but our clients tell us that they are treated differently when they have a full head of hair. Studies have shown people perceive hair loss sufferers as more conservative, older and less exciting (hey, we're not making this up!). Clients claim they have had better relationships, job offers and a healthier lifestyle due to their increased self-confidence and self-image.

Our Clients Say:

I've tried other hair systems before trying Maria's and although they were OK, Maria's went above and beyond.


Just last week:

- My dad said I should grow out my hair, just like the actress on TV

- My sister asked me if I got a haircut

The thing is, I've been wearing Maria's system for the past year. I live with my family, and they have no idea that I wear a system!

(Only my Mom does)

Wear confidence with Maria's system

 M - 26 years old