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Directions to Maria Jaggard Salon (by appointment only)

From Vancouver:

25 to 30 minutes from Vancouver. Follow Highway #1 (Freeway) East to Port Mann Bridge (approximately 20 minutes). Cross bridge and take 200th Street Exit (10 minutes from bridge). Follow 200th Street South to the large 72nd Ave intersection. Continue South down hill and turn right at bottom, 68th Ave (West). Follow 68th for 1/2 block to 199A Street. Turn right (North) on 199A Street. Number 6820. Total time from Vancouver should be 48 minutes.

From Seattle:

20 minutes from border crossing to Canada. Follow I5 North to Pacific Truck Crossing (second to last Exit). Cross border and travel North along 176th St (Highway 15). Turn right (East) on 64th Ave to 197th Street. Turn left (North) on 197th to 68th Ave. Turn right (East) on 68th Ave to 199A Street. Turn left (North) on 199A. Number 6820.

We are in a new postal code area and MAPQUEST maps and GPS may send you several kilometers south of our location. Please print the above directions. We are near the corner of 200th St and 68th Ave, Langley BC. (If trying a GPS, then it may show Langley, and Langley TWP - We are in Langley Township which is Langley TWP, just north of Langley City)

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Maria Jaggard Salon
6820 199a St
Langley, BC,
Canada, V2Y 3B7.

  Tel : 604.534.5049

Our Clients Say:

Hi Maria;

I wanted to thank you for taking the time with me yesterday to create a wonderful hairstyle with my new system. It was surreal to see so much hair on my head, and I couldn't believe how real it looked. I can't wait to see the pictures so I can post them onto my Facebook! Hope you and Brian have a wonderful Christmas, and look forward to seeing you for my follow-up appointment in the New Year!

My testimonial is below:

I came to Maria Jaggard Salon about two months ago, at the end of my rope. I have been dealing with female pattern hair loss and chronic shedding for the past eight years, and in the last couple of years it had begun to worsen exponentially. I was at the point of not going out in the sun and wearing a headband to prevent the front of my hair from flying about and revealing the baldness underneath. There is no way to describe the anxiety and distress that a woman goes through when she is slowly losing her hair. A woman's hair is her glory, her femininity , and her identity. To slowly, insidiously begin to lose hair that over time is one of the most devastating things I have gone through, and there seemed to be no hope. I had seen the foremost hair specialist in Vancouver, was prescribed Rogaine (extra strength for Men), took iron pills and B-vitamins, and nothing helped or curbed the hair loss. Earlier this year, I started wearing bangs (which I hated) to hide the frontal baldness. And the wind, sun, and rain had become my enemies.

In October, out of desperation, I began to research hair transplants, and came across the website for Maria Jaggard Salon. I hadn't been to a hairdresser in over a year because of embarrassment over my baldness, and thought maybe she could help me come up with a new way of arranging my hair so I could camouflage my baldness better. When I went for my consultation appointment, she and Brian told me about their hair systems. They suggested a hair system, because my hair loss was too advanced to benefit from extensions or a weave. I hadn't gone into the appointment expecting to purchase anything. But then they told me about a client who had suffered from hair loss similar to mine and was now wearing a system and how it changed her life. They then showed me a picture of this lady (who had given her prior permission to do so). When I saw the picture, I was stunned to discover that this was someone I had known most of my life! I became emotional, because here was someone who was suffering the same thing that I was, and I never knew it! I would never have guessed that her hair was not her real hair.

I feel that things happen for a reason. I immediately put a down payment on my own system, and yesterday I came in (with that same friend, whose picture had spurred me to make this decision for myself) and had my own system put in place and cut and tailored to my own hair. I had wanted to have long, layered hair (without bangs), because this is the hair I use to have before it started thinning and falling out. I brought in pictures of celebrities whose hair I wanted to emulate. It was incredible to be able to have the freedom for the first time to be able to pick and choose exactly what kind of hair I wanted and to be able to have it done. When Maria put the system on me and started to work with it, I was in awe at its length and thickness. It was like seeing myself as I was ten years ago. I had forgotten what is was like to have long, thick, flowing hair. And when the system was complete and in place, I couldn't tell the difference between it and my real hair. It flowed togetther seamlessly, the texture, thickness, and feel of it was a perfect match.

Maria spent so much time on my hair, getting it just right. She clearly enjoys what she does and takes her time to do it right. That is something I really value. And she is such a sweet, kind, and fun person to talk to. Both she and Brian are very welcoming and professional, and I never felt pressured into buying anything. They clearly understand the importance of customer service and making each client feel comfortable. I highly recommend them to anyone, and am just thrilled to be able to walk out the door with long, thick, flowing, layered hair that looks and feels like my own. I feel like I am me again, more myself than I was before. I can't wait to show it off to the world and have them guess. Maybe I'll tell them, maybe I won't. It doesn't matter anymore, because I no longer have to hide. Thank you Maria and Brian! You are a gift, and I wish you continued success.

 Dr. "S" Ph.D. Registered Psychologist