At Maria Jaggard Salon, we design custom hair systems that are undetectable, attractive, and suit the individual. Our clients are those who wish to improve their look and feel confident in public. Whether your hair loss is due to pattern baldness, alopecia, cancer treatment, hormones or other causes, we have a solution for you.

Maria Jaggard Salon specialises in designing unique hair systems for you and you only. We do not use "one size fits all" systems. Each hair system is individually designed and crafted using only the finest quality materials for the best look, feel and durability.

We offer free consultations so we can show you exactly what we do; no gimmicks, no tricks, no pressure, no salespeople. The fact is that once people see our hair systems, we don't have to do any more convincing.

With over 38 years of hair loss experience, you can trust Maria Jaggard Salon to take care of you with discreet and professional care.

Our salon is buying and/or accepting donations of virgin human hair for cancer patients. We have a shortage of lighter colors. If you are interested please contact us.


At Maria Jaggard Salon we are a true family of qualified hair loss specialists and certified hair stylists. Brian, Maria-Elissa and Mitchell are knowledgeable and skilled in what you need to look your best. We will ensure that you feel secure and look natural when you wear our hair system designed specifically for you. 


We offer products and services for hair loss. Client’s at Maria Jaggard Salon can expect the finest services and best quality hair systems available on the market today. 


We have several hundred testimonials from satisfied clients that we have received by  email, mail and cards. We have gathered together these testimonials which you can view at our salon. We really appreciate clients who take the time to send us these testimonials. Our business is very discreet yet an amazing number of clients are willing to endorse us and their personal experience.


It's a big decision to consider a hair system. Here are some questions that we frequently encounter.