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  • How are we responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?
    Although we are excited to welcome you all back, for now we won’t be able to shake your hand or give you a hug! Please be patient as we start rebooking everyone back in. We will try to get you all in for an appointment as soon as we can. At this time, we are limiting appointments to one person per appointment, so bringing family members or friends along will not be allowed until Health BC says we can be more lenient. All clients are required to bring and wear a mask during the appointments. We’ve put a great deal of thought and care into making sure our salon environment is as safe and sanitized as possible for you and us. As such, we will be booking less appointments to allow us time to sanitize in between each client. Please maintain appropriate social distancing (at least 6 feet if possible) from other customers during your visit. Meeting and exceeding the already strict guidelines that ensure hygiene in our salons, we have instituted the following additional hygiene measures: Customer and Stylist Wellbeing As your stylists, we are required to wear a Public Health Agency-recommended face mask that covers the nose and mouth in a snug manner for our entire shift. We kindly ask that you also wear a well-fitting face mask during your visit. Every customer needs to bring and wear a mask before any services begin. We will wash our hands frequently. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the salon for your use. Stylist stations and salon chairs are wiped down and sanitized between all services. We have a sterilization setting for washing our towels and capes and have always (pre-covid19) used this setting. Services We are temporarily suspending face-to-face services such as beard trims. For now there will not be any beverage serving of water, tea or coffee. While shampooing your hair at the sink, we as your stylist will wear a mask as well as a personal full faced sneeze shield protection. As per current government guidelines, we will be unable to use a blow drier directly on our customers. Hair systems will be styled and blow dried in a different room before being fitted on our customers. Salon Environment Prior to opening each day, salons will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to city, county, province and goverment mandates. Door handles, bathroom flush handles & tv remote controllers will be wiped down frequently. Shared space chairs and surfaces will be wiped down frequently. We encourage using contactless payment whenever possible; credit card terminals have been wrapped with plastic and will be wiped and sanitized. For the health and wellbeing of our communities, please know that if we present any symptoms, we will need to shut down the salon for minimum of 14 days. We also request that any customer who is feeling unwell to please reschedule your visit after 14 days of symptoms. Thank you for your loyalty, your business and working with us to keep our neighbourhoods healthy and safe. We look forward to welcoming you back to our salon.
  • How much does a consultation cost?
    It’s FREE, no gimmicks!
  • Do you use real hair?
    Yes all of our hair systems are made with remy/virgin human hair unless otherwise requested by the client.
  • How much does a hair system cost?
    Prices vary depending on the size, length of hair and density. During your free consultation you will receive a quote based on your requirements.
  • How do I pay?
    50% deposit required then the balance is paid during your delivery. We accept Cash, Debit, Most Major Credit Cards and Etransfer.
  • What's included in the price?
    A custom designed hair system with top quality human hair, a carekit, a fit-in including a cut-in (all systems arrive in raw form and uncut) a cut-in is the hair style of your choice to be cut and styled. A free follow up is provided if needed.
  • What’s the difference between an MJS custom hair system vs a premade stock piece?
    We send our designs directly to the factory where the hair system is custom made to our specifications: colour, head shape, curl pattern, gray hair tones, and hair thickness are all matched to your existing hair or "dream do". We only choose the highest quality hair and products. We will NOT "bait and switch" from high quality to low quality. The specified design and comfort of our hair systems has no comparison to a machine made stock piece.
  • How long do systems last?
    If properly maintained you should enjoy at least 2 to 3 years of wear. Between the first 9 to 12 months your hair system will likely require some minor hair additions to replace those hair strands lost from normal wear and styling because the hair is carefully hand-tied.
  • How does the hair system stay on?
    Depending on the system you choose, your hair loss condition and other factors, the system can be held by hair weaving, medical adhesive, bonding agent or clips. So long as you regularly maintain your hair system, it will never 'fall off' and you are able to swim or do any activity that you would normally do. We've never had a client tell us that any of our hair systems have come off in an embarrassing situation. One of our clients told us that she wore her system while riding on a Seadoo which went up to 80 km/hr on a lake. Her sunglasses and hairband came off but her hair system stayed in place perfectly. Our systems are made to fit only you and can be worn 24/7 or removed whenever you like.
  • Will anyone notice the hair system?
    Provided you properly care for the hair system, there is no reason anyone would notice. Many of our clients have been using our systems for years and have spouses, children, co-workers, and friends unaware they wear a hair system. Please see our testimonials for some direct feedback from our clients!
  • Is the hair system uncomfortable? Will I sweat?
    Much like the first time you put in contact lenses, you will definitely feel something new on you. However, in a very short time, you will feel it become a part of you. The base of the hair system is breathable and is hypo-allergenic.
  • Is my hair system eligible for a medical tax credit from Revenue Canada?
    Your custom hair system from Maria Jaggard Salon may be eligible for a medical tax credit since Maria Jaggard Salon hair systems are 100% hand tied and made to order. For a "wig" to qualify for a medical tax credit, it must be MADE TO ORDER for individuals suffering abnormal hair loss owing to disease (for example: Alopecia Areata), medical treatment (for example: chemotherapy), or accident. Many shops claim to produce a "made to order" hair system. However, unless they are making a mould of your scalp and creating a base identical to your scalp, then it is not made to order. We have countless clients enter our shop with wigs that have a stock number on the bottom. A true custom, made to order hair system should have your own name and date of manufacture on the base. Wigs with a stock number are not made to order and most are not hand tied. If another shop makes a mould of your scalp that does not necessarily mean it is made to order - they may simply use the measurements to find the closest match of a machine produced "stock" wig. For more information visit:
  • I have lost my hair due to chemotherapy. Can a hair system help me?
    You might not think of your hair's importance in your everyday life until you face losing it. And if you have cancer and are about to undergo chemotherapy, the chance of losing your hair is very real. Both men and women report hair loss as one of the side effects they fear most after being diagnosed with cancer. Whether or not your hair falls out from your chemotherapy depends mostly on the type and dose of medication you receive. But whether you can maintain a healthy body image after you hair falls out depends a lot on your attitude and the support of your friends and family. Chemotherapy drugs are powerful medications that attack rapidly growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, these drugs also attack other rapidly growing cells in your body - including those in your hair roots. Chemotherapy may cause hair loss all over your body - not just on your scalp. Sometimes your eyelash, eyebrow, armpit, pubic and other body hair also fall out. Some chemotherapy drugs are more likely than others to cause hair loss, and different doses can cause anything from a mere thinning to complete baldness. Talk to your doctor or nurse about the medication you'll be taking. Your doctor or nurse can tell you what to expect. Fortunately, most of the time hair loss from chemotherapy is temporary. You can expect to regrow a full head of hair six months to a year after you stop treatment, though your hair may temporarily be a different shade or texture.
  • I have hair to donate. How can I do so?
    Our salon is buying and/or accepting donations of virgin human hair for cancer patients. We have a shortage of lighter colors. If you are interested please contact us.
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