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Maria Jaggard Salon specialises in designing unique hair systems for you and you only. We do not have stock or "one size fits all" systems. Each hair system is individually designed and crafted using only the finest quality materials for the best look, feel and durability.

By our definition, a "wig" is a one-size-fits-all, synthetic or human hair piece. They are machine made and are in no way comparable to the natural look and feel of our custom designed and manufactured hair systems. We keep a traditional wig in stock just so you can see and feel the difference. If you wish to qualify for the Canadian Revenue Agency Canada's medical tax credit, you need a “true custom” made-to-order hair system (CRA Guidelines). Our systems are hand-crafted, hand tied, custom designed and made-to-order only. We do not carry stock, machine made wigs. Every scalp is a unique shape and for genuine comfort, you need it designed for you and only you.

We create systems for anyone who suffers hair loss from natural causes or illness. We even have clients who simply want to enjoy their dream hair and choose to wear our hair systems instead of traditional wigs and/or hair extensions. Our youngest client is 3 years old and our oldest is 100! It’s never too early or too late to have that perfect hair. While the majority of our clients come from the North Shore, Fraser Valley and Vancouver, we also have many out of town clients who visit us from Seattle, Alberta, Kamloops, Prince George, and Vancouver Island. We even have clients who have flown from Britain, Scotland, India, Australia, and Bahamas seeking our hair systems. When you see our beautiful work with our hair systems, you'll understand why our clients make the trip.


We design custom hair systems that are virtually undetectable. Anyone who has ever worn a wig or toupee will never go back to the "old" way of looking good once they have worn a hair system by Maria Jaggard Salon.

We offer free consultations so we can show you exactly what we do, no gimmicks, no tricks, no pressure, no salespeople. The fact is that once people see our hair systems, we don't have to do any more convincing.


Custom made hair systems are no longer just for celebrities and models. Unlike most hair loss salons we deal directly with the factory. This eliminates the middleman and the costs associated. These savings are passed on directly to you. The price is competitive and affordable. We provide the best hair system for anyone who would like something that is durable, light-weight and natural looking. Our clients are able to go through life without worrying about their hair.


Our designs are sent directly to the factory where the hair system is custom made to our specifications: colour, head shape, curl pattern, grey hair tones, and hair thickness are all matched to your existing hair or "dream do". We only choose the highest quality hair and products. We will NOT "bait and switch" from high quality to low quality. 


After your initial consultation, we would determine what area needs to be covered and design an exact fit to your scalp. We determine the color, thickness and/or density, length, wave pattern and base materials to reflect what you want to achieve when it is completed. It will arrive uncut and in raw form. We prepare your system and cut according to our previous discussions of your final style. The cut-in service is included with your purchase. You’re also given a carekit and instructions so you can take care of your system when you get home.  


We have access to the best quality hair and base materials on the market. This is important because it will not only last longer but it will move freely, it will feel silky, it is more durable and much easier to style. Great quality hair will always look natural and fantastic throughout the life of the hair system.  

We know you've seen some bad examples of wigs and hair systems - we have too. In fact, we're probably better at spotting a (bad) hair system than you are. Find out the difference between a good system and a bad one with a free consultation.

At Maria Jaggard Salon, we custom design hair systems that are attractive and suit the individual.  Our clients are those who wish to improve their look and feel confident in public. Whether your hair loss is due to pattern baldness, alopecia, cancer treatment, hormones or other causes, we have a solution for you.


Maria Jaggard Salon takes pride in providing quality, durable, natural hair systems in the privacy of our professional salon. Our setting is warm and we treat you like you are extended family.  Customers worldwide appreciate our quality craftsmanship and beautiful hair systems with a very relaxed atmosphere and professional hair salon services. Maria Jaggard Salon has been designing hair replacement systems since 2005 for customers in Europe, Canada, Asia and the US. With over 38 years of experience, our salon has designed a wide range of men, women and children’s hair systems individually designed and styled with the highest quality standards.

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